Michael S. Mikowski

SPA (UI/UX/server) architect and author

Work smart, fail fast, and deliver a better product sooner.

Selected works

Single Page Web Applications — JavaScript end-to-end for Manning Publications Co, published September 2013. Amazon reviews have been very strong, and it has frequently been the best seller in three product categories since release. Listings and other resources are available for review.

Here are a few video clips you might find mildly interesting. Each click requires only about 30 seconds of viewing. First, I discuss how we got the vocabulary for our book. And I also discuss what we wanted to avoid with a particular application.

My Blog aims to deliver enough bombastic click-bait to make any rabid Disqus commenter proud. It's delivered cleanly by GitHub without any advertisements. Take that, Slashdot!

jQuery plugins and similar OSS works are listed below. I am the principle author unless otherwise noted.

Qualaroo survey client is currently viewed over 100 million times per day on phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Notable accomplishments include the one-touch build system, graduated roll-out mechanism, SuperPack IP-protection and compression system, TDD coverage over 90%, and git hook which blocked commits with regressions or lint errors.

SnapLogic Builder was challenging and satisfying. Coordinated the next-gen architects and authored the vision and use-case foundation documents still in use today. Designed and implemented all aspects of the client. Introduced the organization to git and JetBrains IDEs, both of which became company standards.

TypeBomb is an SPA developed with my 8 year old son to teach him VIM, typing, and HTML 5 development principles. It is currently in Alpha. The SPA uses many best practices, including TDD, linting, commit hooks, model events and handlers, JS generated CSS, and a one-touch build system. To play, just pick a level and start typing!

The Fog of SPA is one of many presentations. It shares seven hard-won lessons from designing and delivering five commercial SPAs. It shows how design for quality, creative destruction, minimalism, and targeted testing techniques can remove complexity and confusion from SPA development. Other recent presentations are found on GitHub.

Kanaga was an artistic project I did years ago. Click on the "Featured Movie" to get a feel for some of my artistic capabilities, like audio editing, animation, and music composition.

Online Kubuntu application guide is useful for Linux desktop users and server administrators.

See LinkedIn for links to many more works, including a number of recent presentation videos.

Selected Acheivements

Experienced and proven as an expert in Single Page Applications (SPA), UX, UI, ID, full-stack architecture, and development. CEO and founder of two startups.

Works to relentlessly reduce cycle times, fail faster, and deliver a better product sooner. Here are a few objectives to meet this goal:

Researched many tools and emerging technologies such as SVG, touch interfaces and libraries, Node.js and MongoDB. Employed technologies such as frame rate pacing, proximity sensing, collision detection, sound design, responsive design to deliver enterprise software with an outstanding user experience for all level of users.

Managed software development over many years for two Linux clusters in US and EU that served billions of web transactions per week using MySQL and Apache/mod_perl. Active user of git but also administered Subversion, Perforce, and CVS.

Presented to thousands of influencers, potential employees, and customers over the last three years at HTML5 Developer Conferences (five), Powered by JavaScript, Developer Week, University of San Francisco, Trendulate, and a number of additional venues. I have followers on Google+, LinkedIn, and Manning Publications Co..

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