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Hi random web surfer! I am a web application architect, author, and speaker in Silicon Valley. I develop highly appealing, long-lived, and profitable products with nimble process and teams. I also maintain multple open source JavaSCript libraries. Here are a few of my guiding principles:

If you are looking to build a web application using cutting-edge UX, design, and technology — and hate wasting time and money on stupid mistakes, then hire me. I've already made all the stupid mistakes and will not make them again. I have been the primary architect on multiple software products that have been distributed to over 100 million users every day. I wrote the software to manage my Tier 1 automotive engineering design house. Do you want RBAC implemented in your product the right way the first time? Ask me about it.

In my prior career I ran a Tier 1 engineering design house for the world's largest automotive OEMs, and have direct experience and training in all aspects of physical product design. This includes sales and marketing, class-A styling, analysis (kinematics, NLFEA, CFD), solid modeling, rapid prototyping, material selection, prototype and production tooling.

Below are some other highlights you may find interesting.

Selected works


Single Page Web Applications — JavaScript end-to-end

Published by Manning in September 2013. Also available on Amazon where it has been a frequent best-seller across multiple categories. Named one of the best books of 2014 by Dr. Dobb's journal. Listings and other reference material are available online. I began work on a second edition in the spring of 2016.


An SPA starter project that can be installed with 6 simple commands. The sample application uses a proven and well documented architecture, consistent code style, best-in-class libraries, comprehensive tests and coverage reports, an installed commit-hook, typecasting, compression tools, and other best practices. It's a great way to accelerate you web applicaiton development without locking yourself into restrictive SPA framework.


An MIT licenced JS library which uses JavaScript to create and manage all CSS for a web application at run-time. It employs merging, caching, compression, and double-buffering to often exceed the speed and flexibility of static CSS. A video presentation of the concepts can be found on Youtube. In fact, PowerCSS is used to style this web page. Just click at the top right corner to change the palette or cascade.


A typing game created with my 8 year old son to teach him VIM, development principles, and, of course, typing. All the best practices employed at Qualaroo are used here. To play, just pick a level and start typing.


The survey client is currently viewed over 100 million times per day on phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Notable accomplishments include:

I have continued to build on these best practices, and employ them in my projects whenever applicable.


The SnapLogic Builder was challenging and satisfying to design and implement I coordinated the next-gen architects and authored the vision and use-case foundation documents still in use today and managed the UI development team. Most of the best practice employed at Qualaroo were also used here.

Kubuntu guide

This guide is useful for Linux desktop users and server administrators.


I produced this Kanaga Komics movie short back in 2004, but it has aged pretty well. I wrote and performed all the music, edited and processed the audio, and created the animation. I voiced a few of the characters.

Open source software


I am the primary author unless otherwise noted:



Presented to thousands of innovators, potential employees, investors, and customers over the last three years at HTML5 Developer Conferences (five), Powered by JavaScript, Developer Week, University of San Francisco, Trendulate, and a number of additional venues. Topics include:

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If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading! You can always send me a note at mike .dot. mikowski .at. gmail .dot. com. Peace out.