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Kubuntu Focus Project, System Architect

Reliable, stable, and easy-to-use Linux client computers designed for people and companies who deploy to Linux. Areas of optimization include packaging, file systems, systemd, polkit, dbus, xdg, custom user tools, and guided system administration.

hi_score, Creator

A full-life-cycle SPA starter project installed with four commands. Supported stages include install, setup, test, coverage, build, and deployment. It features a consistent code style, best-in-class libraries, comprehensive tests and coverage reports, an installed commit-hook, typecasting, advanced compression, and other best practices.

PowerCSS, Creator

An MIT licenced JS library which creates and manages dynamic CSS for a web application at run-time. Capabilities included mix-ins, merging, caching, compression, and double-buffering. This solution was more flexible and often out-performed static CSS. A video presentation of the concepts is available on Youtube. PowerCSS is used to style this site. Click at the top right corner to change the palette or cascade.

Since PowerCSS was released in 2016, the major browser vendors have recognized the need for app-controlled CSS and now provide many capabilities of PowerCSS with CSS Properties and the JavaScript Values API. I now recommend using these tools instead of PowerCSS for most sites.


A typing game created with my young son to teach him VIM, development principles, and, of course, typing. Many techniques used at Qualaroo are used here. Pick a level and start typing!

Single Page Web Applications — JavaScript End-to-End

Published by Manning in September 2013. Also available on Amazon where it has been a frequent best-seller across multiple categories. Named one of the best books of 2014 by Dr. Dobb's journal. Listings and other reference material are available online.


The SnapLogic Designer was challenging and fun to design and implement. I coordinated the input of all the senior architects and wrote vision and use-case documents for the next-gen product. These were used for years to guide the development of the product.


The survey client was often downloaded > 100 million times per day on phones, tablets, and desktop computers. I devised a plan to create a new mobile-only product first and then migrated all customers to this new client within 18 months. This process eliminated technical debt and provided a highly reliable, capable, and attractive product.

Open source


Presentations with Videos


Demonstrated concepts to thousands of innovators, potential employees, investors, and customers over the last ten years. Venues include Chris Titus Tech, FOSDEM 2022, HTML5 Developer Conferences (five), Powered by JavaScript, Developer Week, University of San Francisco, Trendulate, and many others.

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